Who am I?

I'm an engineer, entrepreneur, and a lifelong learner. I've helped to build and launch products like the Tesla Model Y, Rivian's Amazon delivery van, and Formlabs’ Fuse 1 printer.

I have a wealth of experience in mechanical design, project management, balancing business & engineering needs, and launching products in fast-paced environments. During my undergrad, I landed seven internships at top tech companies to gain a diverse background.

I am a maker (facio ergo sum) and I'm passionate about building the future. I'm also a mediocre chess player, ginger beer connoisseur, and runner turned wannabe cyclist.

What am I up to?

I'm currently looking for my next adventure while finishing the final semester in my BSME.
I'm also building endeavors on the side like the Next Byte Podcast and Internship Ninja.

Rivian - Program Management

Led engineers building EV van for Amazon. Wielded $300MM in budget to 9x late part containment. Increased issue log burndown velocity by 75% and created tools to reduce reporting lag by 92%.

Tesla - Mechanical Engineering

Worked to launch Model Y. Helped develop Giga Press, which omitted 79 rear underbody parts and reduced its cost by 40%. Drove multimillion dollar savings via design & sourcing efforts.

Formlabs - Mechanical Engineering

Helped develop Fuse 1's air handling system, improving cooling by 30%. Also designed numerous user-facing buttons and handles.

Patriot Green Fund - Chairman

Led a green impact investing fund with ~$1MM AUM and a thesis to fund sustainability-focused projects in the Northern VA area.

INF Robotics - Engineering & Business Development

Developed an award-winning robotic companion to supplement elder home care. Raised funds from venture capitalists and also forged strategic partnerships with Fortune 500 companies.

But wait, there's more! Just email me and I'll send you a proper resume with more details.

A look at some of the most interesting products and projects I've worked on thus far.

"There's always one more thing to learn."
-Steve Jobs

The ever-changing "shelf" of the books, podcasts, and newsletters that I'm learning from: